Camilla Fayed


Camilla Fayed has established herself as one of the most prominent voices of the plant-based universe and she is considered more and more globally as a pioneer of the most effective conscious eating revolution. By constantly challenging food conventions, she is gradually revealing to the world that plant-based ingredients can heal the body and planet without renouncing to taste, but rather discovering the many new pleasures it offers.

She personally experienced the powerful benefits of a plant-based lifestyle after the birth of her first child in 2009, long before it came into public consciousness. Throughout extensive research and travels, she strengthened her knowledge of sustainable nutrition and envisioned the huge potential it could bring to the world. So, in 2014 she decided to devote her professional life to this mission.

Championing the notion that ‘food is medicine’, she elaborated a plant-based diet and nutrition principles where food is whole, healing and yet delicious. She based her foundation on biodynamic

farming, a sustainable and holistic approach to agriculture acting in respect for nature and its elements and in full harmony with its cycles from micro to macro, highlighting that every ingredient is part of a bigger whole. Combining the concept of healing and farming, connecting soil quality with human health, she sealed her philosophy under the name Farmacy.

In 2016, she founded Farmacy UK, her first restaurant in London’s neighbourhood of Notting Hill, where she started fostering the plant-based eating revolution, keeping taste at the centre. To further her research and knowledge in biodynamic agriculture, in 2017 Camilla launched ‘The Farm’, Farmacy’s Demeter certified biodynamic plot of land in Kent, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, which are delivered weekly to the Notting Hill restaurant by electric van. Farmacy was the first restaurant in London in 2017 to introduce Cannabidiol (CBD) to its drinks and food recipes, pioneering ideas like ’High Tea’, CBD themed afternoon tea, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

In 2018, Camilla started spreading her philosophy beyond the restaurant, becoming the author of Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook, a collection of great-tasting selected recipes and basic assets of her foundation through which people could easily approach the plant-based lifestyle at home.

In 2019, Camilla has started several new projects with the ambition to take Farmacy beyond the walls of its Notting Hill restaurant. With her natural flair for style and aesthetics, she saw great potential in fostering Farmacy’s vision through the creation of a capsule collection that she co-designed with Mother of Pearl and her founder Amy Powney. The collection, conceived for millennials, includes t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts featuring Farmacy philosophy through bold wearable statements.

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